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Private Gumdrop of Santa's Special Ops has been sent on a mission to spy on the conduct of the little boys and girls of the world. What Santa didn't expect was that his elf would transgress and terrorize the Montgomery family. Now the Montgomerys must decide how they will will defeat this elf doll with the power of Kringle and conscience of Krampus.

Shelved available for DVD and Digital Download

Shelved is now available through Kunaki and VHX! Purchase your DVD or Digital Download today! Both include the outtakes.

Premiere Dates Announced

Shelved will be showing at the Maumee Indoor Theatre on December 9 & 10 at 7pm each night. Tickets will be made available soon!

Trailer released

First teaser trailer with footage from the film released

About the movie

Movie Description

Janet Montgomery

eco–conscious, mother, wife.

Alice Montgomery

Intelligent, young, daughter.

Daren Montgomery

Buisnessman, father, husband.

Dr. Bailey

Psychologist, nervous, historian.


Tiny, evil, elf.